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The Rentify bank check can reduce your risk and Instantly verify renter's income, payroll, past rent payments, NSF & overdraft in one report to avoid non-payments and evictions. Only $9.99 per report.


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The Full Financial Picture

Credit checks miss 85% of data that property owners need to make informed decisions about prospective residents. Rentify links with bank data to create instant insight into the full picture of an applicant’s financial health to reduce the risk of non-payments and evictions. Rentify breaks down their bank verified information into an easy to read report.


Better than a credit check

Get the full picture for half the price.

See an overview of all the renters that have applied to your property.

Use the Tenant Bank Check to validate and verify their information instantly.

Save both you and your applicants time and effort.

We Instantly Verify

All income sources

Identity and address

History of NSF Fees

Avg. closing bank balance

Avg. monthly debt payments

Overdraft percentage

Consistent payment of rent

Consistent payment of bills

How It Works

Create your own customized rental application with Rentify and provide that application to potential renters. From there your applicants fill out your screening questions and connect to their bank.

Rentify is Paperless

Your potential tenants don't need to provide:


Employment Letters,

Bank Statements,

Proof of Residency,

Our direct connection to the tenant’s bank collects that information for you then provides you:

A summary of up to 2 years of banking activity

Income, identity & address verification

Rental applications completed in minutes

All your applicants organized in one spot

See your applicant’s income, if they make their payments and other key insights.

See both the contact information you have been provided and the contact information their bank has for them. 

Since the bank provides their information, applicant’s don’t need to spend the time gathering sensitive documents. 

Rentify lists everyone who has applied to your property. Simply click their name to see each applicant’s information. 

Reduced verification time from 2 hrs to 5 mins per applicant

Rentify does not leave a mark on renter’s credit score 

Save thousands of dollars by reducing evictions 

other benefits include:

Flexible screening solutions to meet a variety of your needs. 


Property Management Companies


There is no limit on how many applicant’s apply to your property however, you choose how many or few applicant’s you request for further screening. This flexibility gives you the ability to choose what your screening process is and whom of your potential tenants you are interested in. 

Rentify creates a platform where property management can access the key financial metrics of all potential tenants in one hub. All applicants are listed with their contact information and their answered screening questions from the rental application. All applicants can have their financial information validated during the application process or after. Validate all or selected candidates. This gives you options to automate portions of your screening process, reducing unnecessary labor for your staff. 

Rentify save renters the work of gathering documents such as employment letters, bank statements, proof of residency, etc. It also makes filling out your application simpler, and fast. A Renters information is validated from their bank in a few short minutes. Rentify is the most secure way to transfer information between landlords and tenants. We use a secure online banking portal to request an applicant’s financial information. Our data is encrypted, anonymized and privacy compliant according to PIPEDA standards.

With Rentify's 'Bank Statement Analysis' our tenant screening process is at a new level of timeliness, efficiency and effectiveness. Both tenants and staff find Rentify to be much better way of working together and communicating information. 

I love Rentify! It makes my job much easier when filtering through applications. I appreciate the clarity in the information I receive to find the best tenants for our rentals. As a Customer Service Manager, I also like how effortless it is to use on a daily basis. 




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